The Ultra-Link Biometric clocking system is a cost effective, easy and accurate time and attendance recording device for your company! This Biometric clocking system makes use of fingerprint recognition which eliminates employees clocking in for each other! The software installed on your computer is simple to use and configure for those monthly attendance and payroll reports.


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The Biometric clocking system is the new ideal and innovative choice for every small to medium-sized business. Company HR managers can now monitor employee attendance, sick leave, and holidays accurately as well as eliminating buddy clocking. The Biometric clocking system is a professional access control product, specially designed for easy setup and easy to extract reports, supporting 360° fingerprint identification.

Quick Finger Recognition

Get fast and reliable employee identity verification with every single punch, showcasing your employee’s timesheet as they happen. Holds up to 60000 transactions and accommodates for 3000 employees.

Insightful Reporting

Eliminate human error when reporting hours. You are now able to gain insights towards cost-effective scheduling with employees meeting their working hours, overtime, and monitoring those latecomers. Speed up the payroll process by exporting data when employees go to meetings, go home earlier or later, take breaks and lunch.

Multiple Time Clock Entry Methods

The Ultra-Link Biometric clocking system can use multiple time clock entry methods to support both onsite and offsite employees including biometric (fingerprint,) pin and card scan (RFID Cards included).

Multiple Connectivity Options

The Ultra-Link Biometric clocking system has multiple connectivity options including USB, Network that gives you the flexibility to scale your business in the future.

Backup Battery

You no longer have to fear load shedding schedules or unplanned power outages. The Ultra-Link Biometric clocking system has a backup battery that can last up to 6-8 hours when fully charged.

Door Access Control

This Ultra-Link Biometric clocking system can also be used for door control management while gaining attendance information. You can do the following with the door access control: Control door access by fingerprint or ID Card – you can extract the report in/out by Excel File. With CCTV Monitor Door Access – replay people on video coming in/out.

Original Attendance Function

Your company can completely benefit from the following original functions: Leave report, Attendance daily report, Attendance monthly report, Employee shift monthly report, Increase attendance manually, Monthly check report.

  • User Capacity: 3000, Transaction Storage: 60,000 Storage
  • Resolution: 500dpi, Active Scan Area: 16mm X 16mm
  • Backup Battery Power: 6-8 Hours When Fully Charged
  • Access: Fingerprint, Password, RFID Card
  • LCD Display: 2.8TFT 320 X 320
  • Power Consumption: <5w
  • Size: 198mm X 140mm X 45mm (W X H X D)


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If your company is looking for a more customized HR system we can provide the following on request:

Basic Module
1. The system can set the permissions of each employee.
2. Maintain employee basic information.
3. Set up national holidays and special holidays.
4. The standard work schedule for employees is automatically generated every month (need to set the employee shift in advance), and the standard work schedule for employees can be modified.
5. Automatically collect fingerprint attendance data from the biometric machines.
6. Automatically generate daily attendance statistics reports and send emails.
Daily attendance statistics report: (recipient, multiple recipients can be set)
Export all employee’s attendance data to one Excel file. -Send to human resources management, general manager…
Export employee’s attendance data by the department to one Excel file. -Send to the department manager
Attendance Module
1. Maintain departments and positions.
2. Departments and job transfer operations can set an effective date.
3. Employees take leave and follow the approval procedure. (Signed by the supervisor of the setting)
4. Employees apply for overtime and follow the approval procedure.
5. Employees apply abnormal attendance by reason to flx attendance data

and follow the approval procedure.

6. HR can assist one or more employees to take leave. (open to the personnel department).
7. Invalid apply for leave, HR can reject leave application. (open to the personnel department)
8. HR can key in attendance abnormal reason. (open to the personnel department)
9. Report:
      Query employee attendance data report to excel file, choose to export worksheet by

employee or department.

      Query employee leave report to excel file includes detailed leave list and summary of leave balance.
      Query employee various leave and attendance statistics by the monthly report to excel file.
      Query employee information with the leave balance report by deportment to excel file.

For any quotes or sales regarding this Ultra-Link Biometric Clocking System please contact us on (011) 314 8451, contact person: Brian.