Ultralink Pulldown Projector Screen Size 1500mm X 1500mm



This Ultra-Link Projector screen is great for office and home usage! It has 3 layers black-backed screen which eliminates light penetration! You choose whether you want the projector screen mounted on the wall or ceiling!


Electronic Projector Screen

The Ultra-Link Electronic Projector Screen is ideal for a conference center, boardroom, restaurants, or home entertainment! These projector screens are also known as motorized projector screens.

The Motor System

The motor system appears to be magic to the naked eye. However, Ultra-Link uses an energy-efficient and quiet motor that enhances its longevity and proficiency.

Matte White Screen

This projector screen has 1″ black masking borders that enhance the picture contrast. Furthermore, it has a 3 layer black-backed screen which eliminates light penetration and produces top-quality color reproduction.

Wide Viewing Angle

This projector screen is made from high-quality screen fabric that allows for a wide 160° viewing angle. Therefore, you are now able to bring any movie, presentation, or sporting event to life.

PROJECTOR SET-UP: This projector screen has a built-in mounting system that can assemble to the wall or ceiling. The projector screen has a simple plug-and-play system.

  • 3 layer black-backed.
  • 160 degrees Viewing Angle.
  • Size: 1500mm X 1500mm


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