Intertoto will provide end-users of its products with the following after-sales service via the Intertoto Service Centre (Intertoto Service Centre is the sole warranty service company for Intertoto).

1. underfoot provides a standard carry-in repair warranty service to all customers based on the following conditions.
1.1. Seven-day exchange carry-in warranty (from the date when end-user purchased the product.) A copy of the proof of purchase must accompany the goods sent in for repair.
1.2 . One-year carry-in repair warranty on all lnterfoto Audio Visual products
1.3. Three-month repair guarantee on all repairs carried out on products. This warranty is effective from the date that the customer received the repaired product back from the repair centre.

2. All aftersales queries must be lodged with lnterfoto Service Centre by the store.

The following telephone numbers are applicable for logging a service call with lnterfoto Service Centre :

Service Centre: 086 006 1046
Email: service@interfoto .co.za

3. The branch or agent should deliver the faulty product to lnterfoto Service Centre and a valid proof of purchase must be provided to lnterfoto Service Centre for all claims where the product is still under warranty.

4. All claims for products, which are still under warranty, will be repaired within 21 working days from the date the product is received in the lnterfoto Service Centre, subject to spare parts availability.

5. Repaired product is to be collected by the branch from lnterfoto Service Centre or Agent.

6. Should the branch request that an Interfoto Service Centre certified repair agent repair product; the ‘job number’ must be booked with lnterfoto Service Centre in advance. The store must email proof of purchase to lnterfoto Service Centre and the following details must be specified in the email

6.1. The branch physical address, contact person and telephone number:
6.2. The customer reference number:
6.3. The model and serial number of the product;
6.4. A brief description of the fault reported on the product.

When lnterfoto Service Centre is in receipt of the email, the above details will be checked and if it is correctly submitted a job number will be issued. Thereafter lnterfoto Service Centre will phone the branch with the job number and notify them to send the products to the repair agent.

NB: Should Branches send any products to an unauthorized repair agent or for an unapproved repair agent without
authorisation of lnterfoto Service Centre, the warranty of the product/swill void and lnterfoto will not be held liable for any loss, damage or any claim whatsoever from the customer.


1. Exchange
An exchange is only valid for products within 7 days of purchase, which has a technical and manufacturing defect, or in the event that spares are not available. A valid proof of purchase must be provided.

The product must be in its original packaging and in a visibly “new condition” with all original accessories, attachments and packaging.

2. Credit
A credit will only be passed for products submitted a warranty claim if a unit cannot be repaired or exchanged for a new product.

The product must be in its original packaging and in a visibly “new condition” with all original accessories, attachments and packaging.

Factory fault: is a fault due to failure attributable to material or workmanship utilised in the manufacture of the product.

NB: Exchange and credit will only be done at lnterfoto Head Office, no credit will be granted before lnterfoto Head Office receives the defective products. Should there be any exchange or credit query, the lnterfoto Service Centre job number must be quoted as a reference.


TEL: (011) 314 8451 FAX: (011) 314 8450 E-MAIL: interfo1o@mweb.co:za

3. Warranty repair
Repair to a factory fault on a product during the warranty period of that product and where the product was faulty in the normal course of use. A valid proof of purchase must be provided.

4. Out of guarantee and warranty repairs

Customers will be liable for the full cost of repair. Repairs will only be carried out after receiving the authorization from the store that the quotation has been accepted. In the event, the store or customer rejects the quote, a quote rejection fee of R50 will be charged to the customer.

Products are considered out-of-guarantee if:
4.1. The product is sent in for repairs after the warranty or guarantee period has expired;
4.2. The product is tampered with or the product seal is removed within the guaranty or warranty period;
4.3. Product labels, serial numbers, watermarks, false proof marks etc. is altered or removed within the guarantee or warranty period;
4.4. The product sustains critical damage as a result of unauthorised use or modification of the product, rodent, insect damage, chemical damage, water spillage, use of the incorrect voltage or improper installation within the guarantee or warranty period;
4.5. Damage was caused to the product by external factors out of our control including fire, flood, lightning damage, high winds and power surges
4.6. There is a sign of physical damage to the product.

If the fault found on the product is a result of any of the conditions above, the cost of the repair will be quoted and the quotation emailed to the store’s service centre, thereafter the store has 10 days to reply by emailing back the quotation with the store stamp, the manager’s signature and date if the quote is accepted. The same conditions will apply for a quote not being accepted and should the store manager or its representatives fail to authorize the repair within 10 days the quote will automatically be considered as declined and the product will be returned to the store.

If a repair has not been collected within 90 days it will be sold as 2nd hand to defray costs.

lnterfoto retains the right to modify its Refund and Replacement Policy terms from time to time.