Ultra-Link Void Bluetooth Earbuds – White



If you’re not a fan of over-ear headphones, then you might prefer headphones with a smaller footprint like earphones. Ultra-Link has you covered! Enjoy music the right way – wirelessly! You can now listen to great quality sound while having wireless freedom of up to 10 meters. Ultra-Link brings you great quality sound and quality time with your Wireless Headphones. Enjoy Great Music of up to 4 hours of playtime with the Ultra-Link Void Bluetooth Earbuds!


Great quality sound

You can now experience in-ear musical bliss at affordable prices with the Ultra-Link Void Bluetooth Earbuds! Experience a clear and powerful sound that brings music and sound to life. These wireless earphones are perfect for the gym, jogging, or commuting individuals!

Bluetooth Version V5.0

Bluetooth version 5.0 allows the Wireless Earbuds to connect over Bluetooth in a low energy format, which means that you use less power and have longer battery life. You are now able to wirelessly stream high-quality music/sound from your smartphone!

Talk On The Go

  • You can now easily manage and control your calls from your headphones with the built-in microphone. The Void Bluetooth Earbuds are smaller that makes traveling easier, you are also able to wear the Earbuds to more places.


Ultra-Link carefully selected quality materials for the Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds that enable you to wear the Earbuds for long durations at a time. You can enjoy a variety of activities with these Bluetooth Earbuds while listening to your favorite music.

  • Bluetooth Version: V5.0
  • Built-In Microphone
  • Working Distance: 10m
  • Battery Type: Lithium (Rechargeable)
  • Battery Capacity: 3.7v | 60mah
  • Charging Voltage: Dc4.2-5v
  • Charging Time: 1 Hour
  • Playing Time: 4 Hours
  • Driver: 2 X 10mm


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