Ultra-Link Digital FM Alarm Clock Radio-2 Alarm Stereo Sound (Radio/Buzzer)



The Ultra-Link Digital FM Alarm Clock Radio has a minimalistic design that IS the ideal interior solution. You no longer have to rely on your unreliable smartphone to wake you up in the mornings. Getting out of bed will no longer be a chore with this Ultra-Link FM Alarm clock radio.


Two Alarm Stereo Options

We have two sets of alarm stereo options, for those who desire a gentle sleep interruption, or those who need a more disruptive buzzing awakening. You can either set the alarm to wake you up to your favorite FM news or music station or you can choose the buzzer.

LED Light Display

The 0.6’ LED Display makes it easy to read in either daytime or nighttime.

Sleep/Snooze Times

You have the option to set sleep/snooze times for when you want to sleep in a little longer than usual.

User Friendly

Ultra-Link kept true to the original FM Alarm clock radio that we all know and love. This FM Alarm clock is very easy to set up and use, making it ideal for all age groups.

  • 6′ Led Display
  • Digital Control
  • Fm Radio
  • Alarm Clock With Sleep/Snooze Times
  • Alarm Clock Options: Radio Or Buzzer
  • 3V Battery (Not Included) / USB Or AC Power Supply Options
  • Dimensions: 130 X 103 X 45mm


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