Ultra-Link Multimedia Speaker With LED Remote Bluetooth

Ultra-Link Multimedia Speaker With LED Remote Bluetooth



Go everywhere and anywhere with Ultra-Link’s Wireless Multimedia Speakers! This speaker has built-in FM Radio, USB playback and is compatible with the Aux cord. Enjoy music the right way by streaming your music via another Bluetooth device such as your smartphone or laptop.


Speaker System

Ultra-Link brings you smart audio solutions, the Wireless Multimedia Speakers is part of our Consumer Electronics range.

Audio Solutions

All of us listen to music for different reasons. Have you ever noticed that music has an emotional effect on you – makes us feel great afterward! Therefore, Ultra-Link’s been busy bringing out several audio solutions for you! In these modern times having great sound available has several benefits; music improves our mental health and boosts our physical health (to name a few). This speaker system has Bluetooth audio streaming makes listening to your favorite music, podcast, or audio a breeze.

Stylish Modern Design

The Wireless Multimedia Speakers will easily blend in with your office or living room, due to the premium modern design.

Powerful Sound

This speaker system is not only stylish, but it also has a powerful sound system. It has an output power of 15W x2 with a built-in amplifier that gives you great quality sound.

Connect In More Than One Way

Bluetooth connection is not the only way you can connect to this speaker system. You can also connect via USB and FM Radio.

• Output Power: 8W + 3W*2.
• Frequency: 25Hz-20Hkz.
• Power Supply: USB DC 5V= 600mA.
• Channel: 2.1
• Product Size: 182*122*132mm*1. /114*83*66mm*2
• Separation: 40dB.
• SNR: 80dB.
• Interface: 3.5mm.
• Material: Plastic


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