Ultra-Link Mobile Holder Elastic – Blue

Ultra-Link Mobile Holder Elastic – Blue



This Ultra-Link Elastic Mobile Phone Holder is compatible with universal devices such as; smartphones, cameras, iPads, and other devices! This product is perfect for those on the go! It is perfect to use indoors, outdoors, in your car, or even on a bike!


Elastic Mobile Holder

The Elastic Mobile Holder is a universal holder for smart devices such as; smartphones, cameras, iPad, phones, and other instruments.

Flexible Legs

This mobile has flexible legs that allow you to capture the ultimate shot. The flexible joints can bend and rotate in any direction to form the perfect shape. Due to the shape of the flexible joints, you can bend the joints to hang from certain areas to capture a more difficult shot.


The Lock Ring enables extra security to ensure your smart device is safely attached.

Go Everywhere and Anywhere

The Mobile Holder is adaptable to use outdoor, indoor, on the road, climbing, in the car, on a bike, etc.

Easy To Travel With

Due to its small size and its lightweight design – it’s the ideal travel companion. It’s ideal for both photography and videography.

  • Adaptable: Outdoor, Indoor, Travel, Climbing, in Car, on Bike, Night Shing, and Other Activities.
  • Universal: Smartphones, Camera, iPad, Cell Phone, and Other Instruments.
  • Max height: 80mm
  • The Elastic Mobile Holder Uses Flexible Legs To Latch onto Anything.
  • Bend it into Any Shape You Need.


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