Ultra-Link QI Wireless Charging Pad



Take your wireless charging experience to the next level with the Ultra-Link Wireless Charging Pad. Allowing you to charge your device wirelessly when placed directly on the charging plate.


Wireless Charging Pad

Ultra-Link brings you smart portable solutions, the Wireless Charging Pad is part of our smart charging series.
NEW GEN TECHNOLOGY: The time has come where we can purchase wireless charging pads in retail. You can take your charging experience to a whole new level! Please note, that this product only works with QI devices (please refer to the specifications section). You simply add your QI Device directly onto the charging plate and like magic it charges.

Need Power To Charge

This product requires power to operate, simply connect to a power source and watch your QI Device charge.
FAST CHARGING: This device has fast charged for your QI device. The devices run on an output of 10W. You are able to place your QI device at any rotation angle.

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Need Reliable Charging USB Ports?

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• Supports QI devices and cases.
• Material: ABS, Silicon anti-slide pad, and Aluminum
• Fast charge output: 10W
• Mobile device can be placed on charging pad at any rotational angle.

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 12 × 24 × 35 cm

Black, Green, Indigo


Large, Medium, Small


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