Ultra-Link Universal Laptop 90W AC Adapter With 10 Tips



You can now stop worrying about your Laptop’s battery life due to the original charger being damaged or misplaced. The Ultra-Link 90W Universal Laptop charger has 10 different DC Connectors that are designed to provide a suitable and ideal replacement charger for the widest possible number of devices on the market.


Over Voltage Protection

It comes with 10 different laptop pins with smart adapters that adapt to the appropriate voltage for your laptop. There is no need to worry about adjusting the voltage on the universal charger if the correct laptop pin is used for the correct laptop.

Short Circuit & Current protection

This device has short circuit protection, however, it is advised that you ensure to know the correct watts as using the incorrect watts can damage your laptop battery or the charger.

Operating Procedures

When charging, select the correct port. The voltage should be the same as your laptop’s input voltage. Connect the port to the DC output. Once Connected, you can resume with Normal Functioning.

DC Connectors compatible to specific Devices

• 19V/Max90W: 5.5mmx3.0mm: For Samsung 19V3, 16A, 19V4. 22A 19V4.74A
• 19V/Max90W: 5.5mmx2.5mm: For Toshiba/Asus/Lenovo 19V3.42A 19V3.95A 19V4.74
• 19.5V/Max90W: 4.5mmx 3.0mm: For Dell 19.5V3.34A 19.5V4.62A
• 19.5V/Max90W: 4.5mmx 3.0mm: For HP 19.5V3.33A 19.5V4.62A
• 19V/Max90W: 5.5mmx1.7mm: For Acer 19V3.42A 19V4.74A
• 19V/Max90W: 6.5mmx4.4mm: For Sony 19.5V3. 9A 19.5V4.7A
• 20V/Max90W: USB Type: For Lenovo 20V3.25A 20V4.25A
• 19.5V/Max90W: 7.4mmx5.0mm: For Dell 19.5V3. 34A 19.5V4. 62A
• 19V/Max90W: 7.4mmx5.0mm: For HP 18.5V3A 19.5V3.33A 19V4.7A
• 19V/Max90W: 4.8mmx1.7mm: For HP 18.5V3.33A 19V4. 74A

  • 90w Universal Laptop Adapter Used To  Power / Charge Various Supported Devices
  • Maximum Power: 90w(Auto)
  • Supports 10 Different Device Inputs
  • Ac Input: 100-240v 50/60hz(Max)
  • Output Current: 15v-20v 65-90w(Max)



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