Ultra-Link Numeric USB Keyboard- 23 Keys Multi-Function Wired Numpad

Ultra-Link Numeric USB Keyboard- 23 Keys Multi-Function Wired Numpad



Ultra-Link brings you a high-end portable wired Numpad solution that is ideal for office or home office use. The Ultra-Link high-graded wired Numpad keyboard is a palm-size device that allows for faster numeric data entry into spreadsheets and other applications. We’re here to make your numerical duties faster and more efficient.


Wired for Ease

Experience smooth, comfortable USB connection with the wired numeric USB keypad. This wired keypad gives you fast data transmission with no delays or dropouts. It’s wired for ease – you simply just plug it in and you’re ready to go! Ultra-Link brings you an easy connection without installing any additional software that ensures a reliable and strong connection. It’s easy and comfortable to travel with due to the small compact design, making it the ideal portable numerical data entry device.

USB Keypad

The Ultra-Link Wired Numpad is made of ASB materials, that has a lightweight compact design. You can enjoy the whisper-quiet keys that enable you to type more comfortably, smoothly, faster, and efficiently. The Ultra-Link Wired Numpad has 4 Multi-functioning keys that help keep your accounting & organizing tasks in immediate reach. Simply press any of the short-keys and it will automatically take you to the chosen destinations – no additional software installations required.

System requirements & Compatibility

You need one USB port available on your desktop or laptop to use this wired Numpad. The Ultra-Link wired Numpad is compatible with the following devices laptop, notebook, desktop, and PC. The Ultra-Link Wired Numpad is compatible with the following software: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 /10 operating systems

Sleek & Ergonomic Design

The Ultra-Link Numpad has a non-slip design securing your grip while you enter your numerical data like a pro. We added an elevated lift to this design to assist you in using the Ultra-Link wired Numpad for longer periods and eliminate wrist fatigue.

• Whisper Quiet Keys
• ASB Materials
• Non-Slip Design
• Elevated Lift To Eliminate Wrist Fatigue
• Home | Tab | Mail | Calendar Shortcut Keys
• Plug & Play
• Cable Length 1.5m
• Size : 14.7cm X 8.9cm X 1.7cm
• Software Compatibility: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 /10 Operating Systems
• Device Compatibility: laptop, notebook, desktop, and PC


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