Maxdorf Fixed TV Mount Bracket 14”-50”



The wall-mounted brackets are hinged to allow you to pivot up the TV to hook up cables.They sit nearly flush with the wall, are easy to install, and “budget friendly” as the most affordable of mounting bracket types.


Choosing the right bracket for you

If you know that you’ll be mounting your TV exactly at eye level, often around 42” off the ground, you won’t be moving your TV, and you don’t need to access the television’s ports very frequently, a fixed TV bracket might be the best choice for you. The bracket has a little wire “legroom”, which can give the TV a little upward tilt away from the wall.

Increase aesthetic appeal

Mounting your flatscreen TV to the wall will give your home a more modern, upgraded design appearance. And there are numerous options for reducing your cable clutter that will give a cleaner, an overall less cluttered look to your room.

Save space

If your one-inch wide flatscreen TV is sitting on an 18-inch wide table or stand, you’re wasting a lot of your precious living room real estate. And in a bedroom or small office, where space is at a premium, a TV wall mount may be the only thing that makes a flatscreen TV a viable option.


  • Max Vesa: 200 X 200
  • Max Load: 30KG
  • TV Size: 14”-50”
  • Distance To Wall: 25mm


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