Ultra-Link Biometric Facial & Fingerprint Attendance System



The Ultra-Link Ultra-Link Biometric Facial & Fingerprint Attendance System is at the forefront of advanced employee attendance records. This Biometric system uses new innovative scanning technology that makes it the ideal choice for every medium to large business.
Your company HR managers can now get more accurate & insightful data as it happens. They can monitor employee attendance, sick leave, and holidays easily & accurately. This innovative Biometric system eliminates buddy clocking to the next level with the Facial scanning function. The Biometric system is a professional access control product, specially designed for easy setup and easy to extract reports, supporting facial scanning recognition & 360° fingerprint identification. This Biometric system can additionally use passwords or ID card recognition for additional employees or visitors. You choose the method you want your employees to use, when, and how.


Quick Scanning Technology

Get fast and reliable employee identity verification with every single press, punch & scan, showcasing your employee’s timesheet as they happen or will happen. Holds up to 200000 transactions and accommodates for 1000 employees. This Ultra-Link Biometric Facial & Fingerprint Attendance System holds up to 500 Facial scans, 5000 fingerprint scans.

Lessen work ques

Get fast scans with this Ultra-Link Biometric Facial & Fingerprint Attendance System. The Facial recognition speed is less than 0.7 seconds, and the Fingerprint recognition scan is less than 0.5 seconds. You can easily maintain social distance and effective clocking in/out times due to this Ultra-speed Biometric system.

Insightful reporting

This Biometric system does more than keep attendance records. Eliminate human error when reporting working hours, sick leave, holidays, etc. You are now able to gain insights towards cost-effective scheduling & planning employees hours. Meeting their working hours, overtime, monitoring those latecomers, and rewarding those loyal employees. Speed up the payroll process by exporting data when employees go to meetings, go home earlier or later, take breaks and lunch.

Multiple Time Clock Entry Methods

The Ultra-Link Biometric Facial & Fingerprint Attendance System can use multiple time clock entry methods to support both onsite and offsite employees including biometric (fingerprint), facial scan, password, and card scan (RFID Cards included).

Multiple Connectivity Options

The Ultra-Link Biometric Facial & Fingerprint Attendance System has multiple connectivity options including USB, mini-USB, RJ45 & WiFi Network that gives you the flexibility to scale your business in the future.

Backup Battery

You no longer have to fear load shedding schedules or unplanned power outages. The Ultra-Link Biometric Facial & Fingerprint Attendance System has a backup battery that can last up to 4-6 hours when fully charged.

Original Attendance Function

Your company can completely benefit from the following original functions: Leave report, Attendance daily report, Attendance monthly report, Employee shift monthly report, Increase attendance manually, Monthly check report.

  • User Capacity: 1000.
  • Facial Capacity: 500.
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 5000.
  • Recording Storage: 200,000.
  • Identification Methods: Fingerprint, Facial, ID Card, and Passport.
  • Facial Recognition Speed: ≤0.7S
  • Fingerprint Recognition Speed: ≤0.5S
  • Communication Methods: USB, U DISK, TCP/IP, WIFI

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 12 × 24 × 35 cm

Black, Green, Indigo


Large, Medium, Small

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  1. 4 out of 5

    Toni Lamb

    Awesome product. Love the features and functionalities it has. The customer service I received was amazing as well.

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