Ultra-Link PM3052 Projector Ceiling Mount



With an elegant design, adjustable tilt angle, robust load capacity, easy installation, and versatile height adjustment this ceiling mount is a practical and stylish choice for optimizing your projector’s position. Elevate your viewing or presentation setup with the Ultra-link PM3052 Projector Mount and enjoy the convenience and flexibility it brings to your space.


Elegant Black Design:

This Ultra-link Projector Ceiling Mount comes in a stylish black finish, seamlessly complementing your projector and adding a touch of sophistication to your home theatre or presentation space.

Adjustable Tilt Angle:

Customize your projection angle effortlessly with the ±15° tilt angle feature. This flexibility allows you to achieve the perfect tilt for an optimal viewing experience.

Robust Load Capacity:

Built to support projectors weighing up to 10kg, this mount ensures a secure and stable installation, providing peace of mind for your valuable projection equipment.

Easy Installation:

The Ultra-link Projector Mount is designed for user-friendly installation. With a straightforward setup process, you can quickly and securely mount your projector without unnecessary complications.

 Versatile Height Adjustment:

Customize the height of your projector with the maximum height adjustment range of 250-325mm. This adaptability allows you to position your projector at the ideal height for your specific room and projection needs.

Comprehensive Mounting Hardware:

The Ultra-link Projector Mount includes all the necessary mounting hardware, ensuring that you have everything required for a seamless installation. This comprehensive package simplifies the setup process, saving you time and effort.

  • Colour: Black
  • Tilt Angle: ±15°
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 10kg
  • Easy to Install
  • All Mounting Hardware Included
  • Maximum Height Adjustment: 220-290mm


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