Ultra-Link PJ70 Full HD Smart Projector



The Ultra-Link PJ70 Full HD Smart Projector brings a new level of brilliance to your projection experiences. With cutting-edge features like digital keystone adjustment, Android 9.0, and easy screen mirroring, this projector is your gateway to visually stunning and versatile projection for all your needs.


Impeccable Keystone Adjustment

The PJ70 stands out with its advanced 4-Point Digital Keystone Adjustment feature. Achieve precise alignment and perfect your projection with minimal effort, ensuring that your visuals are always impeccably squared and distortion-free.

Long-Lasting LED Lamps

The projector employs energy-efficient LED lamps with an impressive 30,000-hour lifespan. Say goodbye to frequent lamp replacements and hello to years of uninterrupted, reliable performance.

Flexible Projection Range

With a projection distance ranging from 1.5 meters to 5 meters, the PJ70 adapts effortlessly to your space. Whether you’re in a cozy living room or a larger meeting room, you can achieve the perfect screen size without compromise.

Incredible Brightness

The PJ70 shines brightly with a remarkable 800 ANSI lumens, ensuring your visuals are vivid and eye-catching even in well-lit environments. Expect breathtaking, crystal-clear images that stand out.

Full HD Resolution

The PJ70 dazzles with a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080, ensuring that every detail in your content is presented with stunning precision. Enjoy breathtaking visuals whether you’re watching movies, giving presentations, or playing games.

Precise Manual Focus

With a manual focus lens, you have complete control over the sharpness and clarity of your visuals. Ensure that your images are always razor-sharp and perfectly in focus.

Android 9 Enabled

The PJ70 takes smart projection to the next level with Android 9.0. Access a world of apps, stream content, and enjoy the convenience of a fully integrated smart system right from your projector.

Effortless Screen Mirroring

The projector supports easy screen mirroring, allowing you to project the content from your mobile device or laptop wirelessly. Share photos, videos, and presentations seamlessly with the touch of a button.

Convenient Preloaded Apps

The PJ70 comes with preloaded apps that enhance your entertainment and productivity. From streaming services to essential productivity tools, everything is at your fingertips.

  • LED, 30,000 Hour Lifespan
  • Projection Distance: 1.5m-5m
  • Brightness 800 ANSI Lumens
  • Keystone: Manual Keystone
  • Brightness: 21800 Lumens
  • Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Lens: Manual Focus
  • Android 9 Enabled
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Preloaded Apps

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 12 × 24 × 35 cm

Black, Green, Indigo


Large, Medium, Small

To update your PJ70 Projector to the latest software, you can use the automatic update feature on your PJ70 projector (requires an internet connection) or you may download the update here (link in point 1. below) and follow the instructions as set out below:

  1. Download the update from this link: FIRMWARE UPDATE
  2. Extract the file to your PC.
  3. Copy the file to a USB and insert the USB into your projector.
  4. Navigate to settings -> System Update -> Local Update to install the update.
  5. Once complete, the DSTV app will be removed from your PJ70. To reinstall DSTV you can download the DSTV app here and install it via USB. DOWNLOAD DSTV APP


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