Ultra-Link WiFi Smart Power Plug



With the Ultra-Link Wifi smart plug you are one step closer to fully smartifying your home. This WiFi plug is designed for a smarter home or office. Be in full control of your house/office at any time at the touch of a button.


Smartify Your Home or Office

Ultra-Link brings you easy smart home & office solutions. The Ultra-Link smart plug is easy to set up, and even easier to manage all your office or household electronic devices anywhere. Smartify your life; turn electronics off/on from your smartphone/ tablet using the mobile app.

Automate & Schedule Your Devices

You can fully schedule your plugs to your preference. Whether it is scheduling your lights and radio to go on at the same time. Imagine returning home after a day at the office and your house is lit with your favorite music playing in the background. This increases both comfort and security.

Overload Protection and why you need it;

We can’t be in full control of everything all the time right? Wrong. With a little smart plug, we can. If you forgot to switch off your iron or hair straightener don’t fear. Ultra-Link’s WiFi smart plug has Overload protection built into the smart plug. This means that it will shut off the devices if the plug reaches 3540W overheats or overloads and will auto close the output.

Energy-saving & monitoring technology

With this smart plug, you can frequently check the energy usage, power history, estimate energy cost, and control the min/max Watt usage of your devices. Now you can monitor your heater in winter and your aircon in the summer and avoid those high electricity bills.

Voice Control

The Smart WiFi plug is compatible with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa. You can enjoy hands-free device management through voice commands.
WiFi Operated
Easily connect to an existing WiFi connection with a simple one-button WPS (WiFi Protected Setup). The Ultra-Link smart plug is only compatible with a 2.4GHz network, it does not support 5GHz.

  • Wifi Operated – Connects To Devices Via Wifi Network
  • Voice Control – Hands-Free Device Management Through Voice Commands
  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
  • Set Schedules- Set On/Off Timers For Full House Automation
  • Timer: 1) Timed On/Off 2) Time Setting: Time (0-23h), Minute (0-59min, 3) Name Customisation (Default: On/Off Schedule), 4) Support For Adding 32 Devices
  • Remote Access- Turn On/Off Remotely
  • Radio Technology: Ieee 802.11b/G/N
  • Wireless Type: 4Ghz
  • App Support: Iso 8.0 Or Android 4.1 And Higher
  • Compatible: Ind Small Smart Plug, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Ifttt
  • Energy Monitoring- Check Power History, Estimate Energy Cost, Control Min/Max Watt Usage
  • Energy Monitoring: Calculate The Electrical Quantity By Day/Week/Month/Year. 2. The Electrical Consumption Is Graphically Displayed By Day/Week/Month/Year. 3. Real-Time Display Of Voltage, Current, And Power Data.
  • 16 A High Power- Supports Up To 16a High Power Devices
  • Built-In Surge Protection – For Up To 1000v
  • Overload Protection: 3540w 16.1a 30s Automatically Close The Output.
  • Input Voltage & Current:50hz/60hz  Ac110~250v 16a(Max)
  • Output Voltage And Current: 50hz/60hz Ac110~250v 16a(Max)
  • Shell Material: Flame Retarding V0 Class Abs+Pc
  • Working And Storage Temperature : Operating: 0°C-40°C Rh≤80%, Storage: -20°C-70°C Rh≤80%

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 12 × 24 × 35 cm


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