Ultra-Link EsmartCam with Pan,Rotation & Tilt Control(720 HD)(3.6MM lense)

Ultra-Link EsmartCam with Pan,Rotation & Tilt Control(720 HD)(3.6MM lense)



Been looking to improve your home surveillance and security? The Ultra-Link IP Camera with pan, tilt and zoom provides both wide-area coverage and great detail with a single camera. The IP Camera Viewer provides you with great image quality that allows you to zoom in and verify detected security events. This IP Camera is WiFi-enabled that allows you to monitor your belongings and loved ones remotely. The IP Camera Software is easy to install and user-friendly! This Ultra-Link PTZ Camera is a WiFi security camera that is ideal and a cost-effective home security camera system.


Wifi IP Camera

What is an IP Camera? It is an extra eye at your office or home when you are not there. An IP Camera is typically used for home surveillance, it receives control data and sends video footage to your device via the EsmartCam App. The Ultra-Link IP Camera is ideal for additional surveillance such as baby/pet/elder monitoring as it has two-way communication that enables you and your loved ones to communicate with each other.

Ideal Home Surveillance

In modern times we can now have immediate access to see what is going on in and around our houses by the push of a button! You can now easily access live video footage of what is happening at your house by logging onto the eSmartCam app. Ultra-Link brings relief as now you will have no surprises when you get home from work. This PTZ Camera is better within areas such as your TV room, living room, or rooms that have multiple entrances. Why? This IP Camera is a bit more advanced as it can Pan, Tilt and Zoom via the eSmartCam App. Additionally, the IP Camera will notify you via notification push if there is any motion detected.

Excellent Night Vision

You no longer need to investigate a mysterious sound at night thanx to this Ultra-Link IP Camera. You can access the live video footage and view what is going on in pitch black areas thanx to the IR-LED Lights that are embedded for 10M. You can control the camera through the app (Tilt, Pan, and zoom).

Two-Way Audio Communication

You can talk remotely to your loved ones and listen in on them via two-way audio communication.

Using the eSmartCam App

You can easily access live streaming/live video footage, record footage using the app. You can control the camera through the app (Tilt, Pan, and zoom).


You can store video and image footage on an SD Card (128GB)(not included) or via the Cloud-based storage on the app.

IP Camera System

You can connect more than one Ultra-Link IP Camera to the eSmartCam app making it the ideal security camera system for your home! Now you can have multiple eyes in your house. This IP Camera can be used as an outside IP Camera, however, it must be stored in a cool area where no light directly touches the camera lens (as this can damage the quality). Additionally, this IP Camera is not waterproof, so it must be stored where it will not get wet as this will damage the product.


  • High Definition Images
  • Smooth Camera Operation
  • Pan: 355°
  • Tilt: 50°
  • View Angle: 95°
  • Fixed lens: 3.6mm
  • Noise detection
  • Motion detection alarm included via notification push
  • 2-way audio communication
    • Detects Baby Crying
  • Megapixel 720P HD camera
  • Night vision: LED Lights – 10m
  • Accessories: Power adapter, user manual, screws, and bracket


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